5 things to see when driving a moving truck from Sydney to Canberra

Mar 27, 2019

The Sydney-Canberra route has become a favourite for road trip enthusiasts and nature trail lover in recent years. Hardly a day passes without seeing a moving van using this road even in the wee hours of the night. With the numbers increasing every day, it is only a matter of time before every adventurous traveller joins the bandwagon.

Whether you are moving to Canberra for good, or just looking for a stunning escape from the familiar surroundings in Sydney, the journey between these two great cities offers the ultimate travel experience.

The route is bestowed with dozens of exciting places of interest, including historical spots, iconic eateries, tranquil country clubs, picturesque sceneries and other nostalgic sites. If you are looking for frequent stops other than roadhouses and Macca’s, then consider the following locations:

1. Wollongong

Located about 1 hour 20 minutes from Sydney, Wollongong is popular for its stunning beaches, shopping centres, scenic lighthouses and playgrounds. To get into Wollongong from the highway, fork into Picton Road (B88) for half an hour’s drive. The city is most famous for its industrial ports and charming café strips. It also sports a coastal route that goes directly into Sydney, should you wish the city to be your only detour of the journey.


2. Berrima

Located midway on the Federal Highway between Sydney and Canberra, this historical town dates back to the early 19th century, and was a famous sport for Travelers from the two cities until it was bypassed by the highway in the late 1980s. It offers good old Australian Hospitality in a scenery laden with historical anecdotes and quaint shops. The town, though small, also sports a couple of cafes and restaurant, renowned for their quality cooking.

3. Grandma’s at The Farm

As the most renowned gourmet stop on the highway, this gorgeous bakery café will offer you some of the most delectable treats to enjoy on location or on the way. The bakery is located about 2h 50 minutes’ drive from Sydney, less than an hour to Canberra. It is encrusted in local scenery, and can offer the most pleasant respite from a long drive in a crammed van.

4. The Bushranger Hotel

The Bushranger Hotel is located only 40 minutes to Canberra, approximately 3 hours from Sydney. As an incredibly historical pub, The Bushranger Hotel will offer you a genuine, traditional country pub experience with a free serving of Australian history. As suggested by the name, the pub is famous for its own involvement in the 1960’s Bushranger action. In fact, it is the very location Constable Samuel Nelson was shot by John Dunn (of Ben Hall’s gang) after a day of mischief on the town.

5. The Tulip Top Gardens

Located a mere 25 minutes to Canberra, these gardens are renowned across Australia for their stunning beauty. This may be the best moving road-trip obligatory selfie stop. The garden features blossoming cherry trees spawning over gorgeous tulips spreading as far as you can see. Unfortunately, the garden is only open in the Spring Months of September and October.

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