5 Uses For Prime Movers and Semi Trailers

Sep 20, 2019

Heavy duty trucks such as prime movers and semi-trailers, serve an important function allowing for the transport of goods and equipment that wouldn’t be possible with smaller vehicles. While most people may not think about it, without semi- trailer drivers our way of life wouldn’t be possible. The following are 5 important uses for prime movers and semi-trailers.

1. Vehicle Transportation with Semi-Trailers

When you drive by a car lot all of those cars didn’t just magically appear there, they were transported there by heavy duty trucks. This is just one example of what semi-trailers are used for in the area of vehicle transport. Heavy duty trucks are also used to move forklifts, tractors, and various other heavy duty pieces of equipment that are essential for use in various industries. Without prime movers, society would grind to a halt pretty quickly.

2. Delivery Of Goods

The process of transporting goods from a manufacturer to a warehouse, then to a retail outlet is called the supply chain. Heavy duty trucks play a vital role in the supply chain forming the final leg where a product is delivered to a store. Without them warehouses would be full of products that could never make it to consumers. Everything you see on a store’s shelves was probably brought there by a semi- truck.

3. Moving House or Business

Moving house for a person is quite an undertaking. For a business, it’s an even more intensive and exhausting process. Businesses have far more property than a normal person or family does. There are computers, and paperwork, and office furniture, and in many cases heavy equipment. When a business relocates it’s a major project that relies upon semi-trucks. Semi-trucks are capable of hauling huge loads enabling them to quickly and efficiently help a business through the moving process.

4. Waste Disposal

Usually once a week the waste disposal company will come by your home to pick up your garbage, then on another day, they’ll pick up the recycling. Once your waste is no longer on your property you probably don’t give it a second thought. But, if you do think about it, where do you think all of it ends up? Do you think the truck drives it all the way to the disposal plant or dump? In some cases, it may, but in larger areas waste is usually transported to a central location before it is disposed of. Once there, it is loaded onto heavy duty trucks where it is sent out to be processed and disposed of.5. Heavy Loads Heavy duty trucks were designed and built expressly for the purpose of moving heavy loads. Whether it’s equipment, waste, raw materials, vehicles, or finished goods, you can load it onto a semi-trailer and get it to its destination. Heavy duty trucks can accommodate oversized loads as well as extremely heavy loads, making them the most efficient method for transporting them. In some cases, it would be impossible to move a load without a semi-trailer. In other cases, it would simply take far more time and effort. In either case, using a semi-trailer to move heavy loads is obviously a better option. Use our truck volume calculator to see what sized truck you will need.

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