Cost Of Moving House

When moving house, whether around the corner or interstate, there are a number of costs to consider. At SCTR, we are here to help you choose the most cost effective vehicle to beset suit your needs.

Here’s How To Compare The Costs:

Hire A Van

$83 per day

(excluding GST and administration)

Removal companies have high demand for vans given the variety of personal business uses.

Other companies are charging anywhere from $45 p/hr or $360 4hrs/ half a day.

Hire A 3 Tonne Truck

$140 a day mid week

(Friday afternoon until Monday morning)

$385 for the whole weekend

(excluding GST and administration)

A removal company will generally use a 2 or 3 tonne truck as their smallest vehicle.

Other companies are charging anywhere from $45 p/hr or $360 4hrs/ half a day.

Hire A Large Moving Truck

8-12 Tonne Truck

From $265 per day

(Ex GST and Administration)

Depending on the company, they may have limited vehicles which may results in higher prices.

Other companies are charging anywhere from $120 p/hr or $960 for 4hrs/ half a day.

Things to consider when moving

Rubbish Removal

Moving house is the perfect time to clean out any belongings you no longer need. Save money and hassle by using the hire truck you have to take any excess belongings to your friends homes, local charity store, recycling centre or rubbish collection plant.


Save space and money by using both old newspapers and any old clothing you plan on disposing of as cleaning cloths. This will save you money purchasing and going through rolls of paper towel.


It is important to remember to insure your belongings when moving, especially if you are moving far away. Removalist companies usually offer insurance, however will only insure items they have wrapped themselves – and a packing fee often applies. Do some research and look into ‘all risks’ insurance that covers you for any accidents that occur while packing and unpacking.


Having your pets running around while you’re trying to carry heavy furniture onto a truck can be dangerous and difficult. Your pet could get hurt, and you run the risk of dropping and damaging some of your belongings. Ask a friend or family member if they can mind your furry friend for the day, or you may need to fork out money for a kennel for a day or two.

Packing Materials

When moving you will need boxes, packing tape, blankets and ropes to secure your belongings properly. Save money here by using what you already have with boxes and suitcases to store goods, and blankets, towels and clothes to protect fragile items. You can also find extra equipment on websites like, where you can then offer up your boxes and packing materials when your move is over.

The Move

The cost of moving all depends on the amount of work required, how far you’re going and how long you need it for. Most moving companies will charge per half hour or hour, so the longer it takes the more expensive it can be. DIY truck hire is usually charged by the day (24 hour period), which means you can take more time with a smaller truck, saving lots of money.

Why Rent With Us


Customised quotes mean tailored solutions with flexible booking lengths, diverse fleet packages and individually crafted business solutions.


If you do have a breakdown, our onsite technical team and 24 hour emergency roadside assistance will have you back on the road in no time.


Our fleet of trucks and trailers are regularly upgraded and maintained to NHVAS standards so you can enjoy the comfort and reliability of our fleet.


At SCTR we are completely transparent when it comes to our prices and insurances. We don't believe in hidden fees and charges and this has really instilled trust with our customers when dealing with us.


Our customer service team are highly trained to understand your needs, provide tailored advice and recommendations, that ensure you have a seamless truck rental experience.