Everything You Need To Know About Flatbed Truck Rental

Jul 23, 2021

It makes commercial sense for your business to hire a flatbed truck. Find out why…

What is a Flatbed truck?

A flatbed truck is, as the name suggests, a large truck with a flat body. Mostly, flatbeds have no sides or roof. This makes them ideal for carrying large or bulky loads that may be too high or wide for an enclosed truck. The cargo of a flatbed truck must be secured to the truck and is exposed to the elements.

A flatbed may be used to transport shipping containers or heavy machinery. Loads often have to be loaded and unloaded using a crane. If carrying pallets, a forklift may be used for moving the load, or even a crane.

The SCTR flatbed fleet

Southern Cross Truck Rentals have a range of flatbed trucks. Our 2 and 3-tonne flatbed trucks are small enough for the tight confines of a construction site or awkward dockside space and still able to easily handle commercial freight volumes. Our 3-tonne vehicle has gates around the tray and a full tailgate loader. Our 2-tonne truck has the capacity to carry 3 full pallets and can be driven on a car licence.

Our flatbed fleet includes vehicles with 6, 8 and 12-tonne carrying capacity. Two of our range (8 and 12-tonners) have cranes mounted behind the cab. This provides you with the versatility of being able to self-load or unload, your cargo anywhere.

Why you should hire a truck

If you have regular usage planned then owning a flatbed truck may be the best option for your business. You know that the vehicle will always be there as needed.

Unless you will use your own flatbed truck constantly and permanently, your company should consider renting a truck for occasional use. Purchasing a heavy vehicle involves a significant capital outlay with ongoing expenses. You will have monthly loan repayments plus maintenance costs and breakdown cover. Your company would need to employ a full-time driver, with insurance costs for driver, vehicle and cargo.

If you have your own vehicle, but it is unavailable because of unexpected workload or breakdown then, again, hiring a truck makes sense. Hiring a flatbed truck, whenever required, means your transport expenses are scheduled and managed. You have a single payment for use. Insurance, maintenance and breakdown cover are all the responsibility of the rental company. When you hire a flatbed truck from Southern Cross Truck Rentals ask about our driver hire packages. You will only need to employ a driver for the duration of your truck rental and, again, you will have one single expense for the entire truck and driver package.

SCTR guarantee that our vehicles are ready on time, every time. When you pre-book a flatbed truck rental with us, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will be available when needed to help you stay on schedule.

Rental options with SCTR

At Southern Cross Truck Rentals, our flatbed trucks are all clean, late model vehicles to ensure your comfort while driving. Our flatbeds are well maintained and regularly serviced. Our rentals include 24/7 breakdown cover and roadside recovery with the SCTR emergency replacement service.

One-way rentals are hard to find with most truck rental companies. SCTR can arrange for pick up or drop off in most Australian cities, saving you more time and expense.

Planning a longer-term project? Contact Southern Cross Truck Rentals. We will arrange for a long-term rental, over several months, if you need it. Equally, we are happy to arrange a short-term rental, for that unexpected one-day job.

Transporting cargo over long distances, especially interstate can be expensive. We offer competitive interstate truck hire rates. Our insurance allows you to drive our vehicles anywhere on the Australian mainland. (You need to arrange roadside service arrangements if you plan on travelling as far as Western Australia or the Northern Territory. Likewise, if you take one of our flatbed trucks on a ship or ferry, you must take out marine insurance).

Our large fleet includes most of the most popular trucks on the roads so your rental may well be the same truck that you are used to driving.

When you contact our team to arrange your rental, make sure to ask about our specials. Some of our special offers include discounted weekday and weekend rental rates and free kilometres.

Finally, we offer great discounts for multi-vehicle hires and for repeat and loyal customers, so contact us today!

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