8 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Interstate Truck & 8 Questions to Ask

Sep 10, 2022

Hiring an interstate trucking company can be a daunting task. There are many companies to choose from, and it’s hard to know who is the best for the job.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider and questions you should ask before you make your final decision.

What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring an Interstate truck

Interstate Truck

When you’re hiring an interstate truck driver, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Considering these, you can be sure that your interstate truck hire will go smoothly and without incident.

The Type of Load You Will Be Transporting

First, you must determine what load you’ll be transporting. It is critical because the size and weight of your load will determine what type and size of truck you need.

If you have a large or bulky load, you’ll need a heavier-duty truck that can accommodate your shipment.

If You Need Help Packing

Packing services are often an additional fee, so it’s important to know if you need this service or if you can pack the load yourself.

The Type of Terrain the Truck Will Be Driving On

One thing to remember before hiring an interstate truck is what terrain the truck will be driving on. It matters because you’ll need a four-wheel drive truck if the terrain is soft or wet. A standard drive should be fine for dry roads.

It is important to consider because if you hire a truck that isn’t appropriate for the terrain, it could get stuck or even damage the truck. If you’re unsure what terrain the road will be, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and hire a four-wheel drive truck.

If You Require Helpers to Load the Truck

Some small transport companies will only send one driver, so you’ll need to provide your own labour for loading and unloading. It can add significant time and cost to your move.

Make sure to ask about this upfront so that you can budget accordingly. In some cases, hiring a full-service company that includes loading and unloading at their price may be worth it. Knowing what you’re getting into is important before signing on the dotted line.

If your Load is Perishable and Needs to Be Chilled or Kept Frozen

When hiring an interstate trucking company, it is important to consider the nature of your load. It is essential to prevent your belongings from spoiling during transport. For transporting perishable items, you will need to find a company that can provide refrigerated or frozen storage.

If your load does not require special storage conditions, you may be able to use a small transport company. In either case, it is important to research the options available to ensure that your belongings arrive at their destination in good condition.

If You Need a Loading Ramp, Hiab Crane or Hydraulic Lift

When you’re hiring an interstate truck, one of the things you’ll need to consider is whether or not you’ll need a loading ramp. If you have a heavy load, it’s essential to find a company that can provide this service.

A loading ramp will help to prevent your belongings from being damaged during transport. Not only that, but it will also make loading and unloading your belongings easier.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need a loading ramp, be sure to ask the trucking company for advice. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not your load will require one.

How Long It Will Take to Transport the Load

When travelling interstate, it’s important to factor in transit time when choosing a trucking company. A longer transit time may be cheaper, but it could also cause delays in receiving your shipment.

On the other hand, a shorter transit time could come at a higher price.

In either case, choosing a trucking company that can provide an accurate transit time estimate is important so you can budget and plan accordingly.

If You Require A Tipping Tray For Unloading

If you need a tipping tray for unloading, you’ll need to find a company that can provide one. It is important because you don’t want your belongings damaged during transport.

A tipping tray can also be useful for transporting large or heavy items. By ensuring that your interstate trucking company can provide a tipping tray, you can help protect your belongings and ensure they arrive safely at their destination.

8 Questions To Ask When Looking Into Interstate Truck Hire

Truck Hire

When looking for a company to hire for interstate trucking, there are a few key questions you’ll want to ask.

  1. First, find out what kind of experience the company has. How long have they been in business?
  2. Do they have experience with your specific type of freight? Before moving forward, ensure you’re comfortable with the company’s experience level.
  3. Next, you’ll want to ask about the company’s safety record. How many accidents have they been involved in?
  4. What size truck will I need? It will help you narrow your choices and find a company with the right sized truck for your needs
  5. What kind of safety training do their drivers receive? Again, you’ll want to ensure you’re comfortable with the company’s safety record before entrusting them with your freight.
  6. If they have insurance. You’ll want to know whether or not the company has insurance. In case of an accident or damage during transit, insurance can help cover the cost of repairs or replacements.
  7. Be sure to ask about the company’s rates and fees. Find out how much they charge per mile, hour, or load.
  8. Finally, inquire about additional fees, such as fuel surcharges or tolls. You’ll want a clear picture of the company’s rates before hiring them so you can budget accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Asking the right questions before hiring an interstate trucking company will help ensure that you choose the right company for the job. With so many companies to choose from, it’s important to research and ensure that you’re getting the best possible service for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Interstate Mean in Trucking?

To be an interstate truck driver, one must have a commercial motor vehicle licence and a clean driving record. The requirements for interstate trucking may vary from state to state, but generally, interstate truck drivers must comply with hours of service regulations and adhere to federal interstate commerce laws.

How Much Does an Interstate Truck Driver Make in Australia?

Interstate truck driver jobs are available for those who wish to transport cargo from one state to another or across country borders.

Interstate truck drivers in Australia can expect an average salary of $76,688 per year, or $39.33 per hour. Entry-level positions pay approximately $63,375 annually, while experienced workers earn up to $90,000 annually.

Full-time positions are the most common type of job available, but new jobs are regularly posted on job search websites. New South Wales is a popular common location for interstate truck driving jobs in Australia. Although most positions are based in this state, there are also opportunities available in other parts of the country.

Interstate truck drivers must have a valid driver’s licence and a clean driving record. They should also be able to pass a background check and a drug test.

Similar jobs include bus and taxi drivers, but in most cases, truck drivers may earn more depending on their experience and the company they work for.

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