How Large Truck Hire Will Save Your Business Money

Aug 5, 2021

Are you throwing money away?

Look out of your office window. How many of your company-owned large trucks are parked outside your premises?

If the answer is ‘none’, then you have a profitable and productive day ahead, assuming your trucks are all out on business trips.

If you see one or more of your trucks parked up then the company is losing money. The truck is an expensive resource, with ongoing expenses and needs to be constantly productive.

Let’s look at how large truck hire will save you money. We’ll even look at some tips to save you even more!

What is a large truck?

Why large trucks? The ability to carry large loads of cargo means fewer trips and fewer vehicles needed. Whether you are moving house or changing business premises. If you need to get building materials to a site or deliver paletted items or refrigerated goods.

Obviously dependent on the load you need to move, there is a range of large rental trucks available. At Southern Cross Truck Rentals our hire fleet includes:

  • Flatbed trucks
    – Easy access. The load can be anything that can be secured to the truck. Used for heavy and abnormal/large loads
  • Moving trucks
    – access via rear doors. Accessories are available to help with your move
    – Our 3 tonne Pantech can be driven with C class car drivers licence
  • Prime Movers
    – Chosen for comfort and safety. Used for hauling semi-trailers
  • Semi Trailers
    – probably the most popular road haulage solution. The SCTR fleet of semi-trailers has a number of options for rental
  • Tautliners
    – the security of a box trailer with the ease of loading a flatbed trailer
  • Tippers
    – for transportation of loose materials such as sand, gravel, building materials or agricultural products
  • Refrigerated Trucks

Self-owned trucks – the pitfalls

Purchasing your own large haulage transport involves a large initial capital outlay. Ongoing expenditure includes items such as maintenance, cleaning, insurance, drivers.

An underutilised truck is burning your company’s money. Ideally your large trucks will be carrying regular loads to cover the loan repayments you have to make.

The wisdom of large truck hire

A rented large truck can be cost-effective. Plan ahead and only have to pay when the truck is needed. Rentals have a one-off payment with all maintenance, servicing and cleaning costs taken care of.
If the organisation has its own transport there will still be times when truck rental will be needed. Sooner or later your regular vehicles will break down or require regular servicing or maintenance. The business may, unexpectedly, need to transport more than your own fleet can handle. In this case, it is practical to rent a truck for as long as needed.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals – deals and tips

At Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR), our great reputation is deserved and has been earned. We are dedicated to service, our team are experienced and friendly and we have a large fleet of vehicles.

Our truck rental prices are already competitive but make sure to ask about our specials when you speak with our team to arrange the rental. Depending on the truck, we do special offers on Midweek and Weekend rentals. Some trucks have free kilometres included as ‘specials’. Our Special Deals make our great prices even better!

At SCTR, we are proud to go that bit further than our competitors. Check out some of our rental services:

  • Short Term Hire

    – Do you have a small, one-day task? No problem, talk to our team.

  • Long Term Hire

    – Perfect for unplanned, urgent deliveries to be made over a few weeks or months.

  • One Way truck hire

    – Not always an option for rented trucks. We can arrange to pick up or drop off at most major Australian cities.

  • Interstate Truck Hire

    – We offer competitive interstate rental packages. Make sure to ask whether a one-way rental can save you extra time and money.

  • Driver Hire packages

    – Don’t have the necessary licence to drive your rental truck? Simply too busy? We have it covered. Ask about our driver hire packages when you arrange your rental.

Our fleet of large trucks are reliable, late-model, well-maintained and regularly serviced. We arrange 24-hour roadside assistance for each of our rentals, to give you extra peace of mind.

Get in touch with Southern Cross Truck Rentals today!

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