Interstate Truck Hire Everything to Make It Go Smoothly

Sep 10, 2021

Moving across state lines or interstate can be a trying time. The stress of packing belongings, finding the right truck size and making arrangements for pets is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out! We have compiled all the important information you need in this article to help make everything go smoothly. We will discuss how to identify the truck size you need. We will provide tips on moving and packing. We also understand moving with pets can be stressful and that’s why we provide tips on how to ensure their safety during this time. We have a handy checklist of agencies to be notified of the move.

What size truck do you need?

The first decision to be made is to select what kind of truck would best suit your needs. You may be looking for something that can carry heavy loads or maybe just small boxes. In either case, we will find a suitable vehicle and help provide you with a handy packing list at the same time!

Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR) have years of experience in moving goods across Australia. We understand you may not so we have a handy Moving Truck Volume Calculator. Simply walk through the house or office and list everything you see. We will estimate the volume of your cargo and help you to select the best vehicle.

If you are moving commercial freight interstate, we have a range of vehicles including Prime Movers, Semi-Trailers, Pantechs, Tautliners – even mini-buses, vans or utes!

Moving with pets

Make sure your furry friend is happy and healthy during the long journey by:

  • ensuring they are wearing a car harness or secured in a pet cage
  • never leaving them alone in the vehicle for an extended period of time
  • stopping several times so they may drink water from their own bowl have a toilet break and take a walk outside
  • Providing a familiar blanket or toy for the trip

Ensuring all pets have identification is also important – affix a tag to their collar, if possible, make sure it has their name along with contact details like mobile phone number (no landline – you will be travelling).

It can be hard for pets to go on a long trip if they are not used to it. Prepare them by feeding them in the car and taking short journeys before the long drive.

Packing – some tips

  • Start Early! Don’t make this a stressful rushed job. As soon as you know you will be moving get out some suitcases or boxes and start packing non-essentials.
  • Wrap fragile items and electronics in padding. Towels, bedding and clothes are perfect for this.
  • Cords and cables are a nightmare at the best of times. Try to label them all and then pack them all in one box to help with quick and easy location when unpacking.
  • Declutter and donate – If you have things that aren’t useful or beautiful then consider donating to a local charity shop or hold a garage sale.

Who to notify?

A checklist to help you make sure all agencies who need to know about your move are notified:

  • Utility companies

    Gas, water, electricity. If possible get a final meter reading on the day you move out.

  • Internet and telephone

    Let them know when to disconnect your service.

  • Mail

    Australia Post can redirect mail to the new address

  • Bank

    Find out where the nearest bank branch will be

  • Government agencies including:

    – Medicare
    – The tax office
    – Australian Electoral Commission

  • Friends and family

    Don’t lose touch forever!

SCTR for affordable rentals

Southern Cross Truck Rentals is a truck hire company based in Sydney offering affordable interstate rental trucks. With more than 30 years of experience, we are the best option for those who want to move goods across Australia. Our rates are competitive and our team are helpful and knowledgeable.

Our fleet consists of clean, comfortable, late-model trucks. Rest assured our interstate truck rentals are fully backed by a 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and vehicle replacement service.

We also provide packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tape, boxes in various sizes etc. We take care of everything. You don’t need to worry about anything except arriving safely at your new address!

Get in touch with Southern Cross Truck Rentals today so we can begin planning your interstate move.

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