Introducing Refrigerated Transport Options to Our Hire Fleet at SCTR

Mar 25, 2021

SCTR has for many years run an impressive fleet of commercial rental vehicles, but we had never entered the refrigerated transport rental market. However, the demands on temperature-controlled transport are increasing, and our customers have been asking us to consider this market for a while. In February 2021, SCTR will be launching its full fleet of Refrigerated Rental Vehicles. We are starting with a diverse range from small narrow cab two pallet models up to 12 pallets with full tail lifts. We have commenced with six vehicles but expect this to rapidly grow over the next 24 months.

These vehicles will be targeted towards cold-chain logistics and compliance with a particular focus on two markets Fresh Food and perishables.

Cold-Chain Logistics and Compliance

– Fruit and Veg
– Groceries
– Dairy Products
– Drinks
– seafood and meats

Temperature Controlled Products

– Medical supplies
– Art
– Cosmetics and personal care products
– Flowers
– Other materials

Jason McKinnon the Business Development Manager of SCTR explains, “The demand on cold chain logistics is increasing. Together with this need is a level of compliance. Companies are rejecting goods where temperature requirements have not been met. This has had a great impact on the rental market. Previously refrigerated transport would be supplied where possible but for short trips (metro areas) goods would still be accepted if they came out of a temperature-controlled environment and were going back into one. This is no longer an accepted practice so transport companies need replacement vehicles should they have a vehicle off the road or have additional work.”

The dramatic introduction of home delivery groceries and associated items has seen a large increase in small, refrigerated vehicles being used across the metro area of all major cities. In addition, fairs and events have compliance on vendors to supply the appropriate temperature-controlled equipment to ensure food is stored and served at the recommended levels.

Jason said, “Even stores which have cool rooms from time to time require a mobile fridge (or truck) to store goods when their cool room is being serviced or is not working. We will help where ever we can, a number of our vehicles have standby power, which means the fridge can run off a lead and the truck does not have to be left running.”

Jason is excited about potential growth, “It is expected that this demand for this vehicle category will continue to grow year on year for the foreseeable future. We expect this segment to become a large part of our overall business.”

If you have any questions regarding our refrigerated transport options, or for anything else, please get in touch with our friendly team today!

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