Long Term Rentals

Fully Maintained Long Term Rentals

Southern Cross Fleet Management (SCFM) offers you the ability of avoiding significant up-front capital outlay to acquire the customised asset (truck or trailer) you need by entering into a 36,48, or 60 month operating lease.

A SCFM Fully Maintained Long Term Rental is ideal for:

  • Businesses that need to free up capital or cannot finance the purchase of a needed asset directly.
  • Single operators who need to focus on their core business and not have concerns associated with vehicle maintenance, servicing, registration, NHVAS compliance, tyres etc. If your leased vehicle should ever break down, we will provide a like-for-like replacement at no cost (conditions apply).
  • Larger corporations with a strategic asset acquisition strategy.
  • Small start-up businesses and subcontractors needing to manage their cash flow.

With our Fully Maintained Long Term Rental, we manage the end-to-end process; from acquisition, customisation, maintenance, servicing, and disposal at end of lease. You pay a single monthly payment, and we take care of the asset under management.

Our services on offer include

Full Service Long Term Rental

Flexible contract terms (36 months to 60 months)

Option to purchase assets at the end of the term

Your choice of vehicle (where available)

Single monthly Payment

Maintenance services

Break down emergency assistance

Accident management


Fully Maintained Long Term Rental Vehicles

SCFM specialises in truck and civil spec vehicles however are able to expand to include all vehicles and brands depending on our customers needs. Contact us now and we can quote for variation in brand, size or customised specifications

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