Luggage Trailers

  • Our luggage trailers are designed to be closed, securing your freight for the journey ahead.

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Our Luggage Trailers

There are two sizes of luggage trailer which can either be attached to one of our rental buses or, if you prefer, to your own vehicle. The luggage trailers are enclosed and are suitable for transporting passenger luggage to place such as the airport, overseas passenger terminal, conference centres, and the like. They are easy to tow, maneuver, load, and unload.

Our Luggage Trailer Fleet

Luggage Trailer

Luggage Trailer Includes

  • Single Axle
  • Enclosed

Luggage Trailer Includes

  • L 2090mm W 1200mm H 1150mm
  • L2050 mm W 1500mm H 1350mm

Disclaimer: All measurements are approximations. As a customer, you should seek individual advice upon booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent buses to go with the luggage trailers?
Yes, we rent out buses which you can attach to the trailer for luggage or any bags that don’t fit in the bus itself.
Are the luggage trailers available for long term rental?

Yes, if required you can rent a luggage trailer on a long-term agreement.

Are the goods that are stored in the trailer covered by insurance?
Generally, your goods are not covered by our insurance. We recommend that you seek out insurance for your baggage or freight whilst it is in transit.
Can you attach one of the luggage trailers to a personal vehicle?

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