Make Your Life Easier With Moving Truck Hire

Jul 6, 2021

Planning to relocate your home, office, warehouse or shop? You should consider hiring your moving truck. Find out why…

Moving truck hire vs removals company

Renting your own truck can be cost-effective and also give you the luxury of having a lot more time for your move. This will contribute to a stress-free moving experience. We will also consider the, often overlooked, fun-factor!


Moving can be expensive. If you hire a removalist company you will get a driver, 2 or more workers and a large truck. They will be available for a few hours, often in a single day. You will pay the hourly rate for the truck and all of the workers even if they are driving or waiting around. This can work out to be a costly hourly rate.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR) have a handy cost comparison on our website. We contrast the cost of hiring a removalist company for either four or eight hours with the cost of renting one of our vehicles for your move. It works out more cost-effective to rent a truck from SCTR, for an entire weekend!

The stress factor

Renting your own moving vehicle can make the move surprisingly stress-free. You have the advantage of being able to

  • Work to your own timeline start immediately and get all the moving out of the way, or several trips over the weekend.
  • Choose start and finish times. No waiting around for the removals company to turn up or the frustration of them being late at the new property.
  • Have a lunch break at a pub or cafe. This feels truly luxurious when you are able to have a break whenever you need to.
  • Spread the move over the entire weekend. With a weekend special deal from Southern Cross Truck Rentals, you may be able to have your moving vehicle from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.
  • Ensure that your precious belongings are taken care of. Your vintage acoustic Fender guitar or the vase that your gran left you will be in your own hands. You will take special care when packing and moving your own valuables.

Healthy and fun?

Not often considered, but you will get a fantastic workout in packing and moving all of your belongings yourself.

If the workout is not for you, why not arrange a moving party? A growing trend. Get a group of your family or friends, or even your employers to help you move. With more friendly faces to help, each person will have fewer boxes and furniture to move. The best bit? At the end of the day, or the weekend, throw a party for your moving crew. Order in some beers and pizzas and christen your new home, office or shop!

Moving checklists

Not just for vehicle hire, Southern Cross Truck Rentals are the complete moving experts. Just ask our team for some essential moving tips to add to your moving checklist:

  • Remove Rubbish as you go
  • Cleaning – at the old and new property
  • Insurance – look into ‘at risk’ insurance to cover your belongings during the move
  • Moving your pets
  • Agencies that you need to advise of your move, like your bank and Australia Post.

If you are going further afield, our Interstate Removals Fact Sheet is another useful source for advice and hints.

The SCTR moving truck fleet

Make sure you use Southern Cross Truck Rentals’ Moving Truck Calculator to work out the best size of vehicle for your move.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals have a fleet of late-model, well serviced, clean and comfortable vehicles ready for your move.

When you’re moving, you need equipment to help you move and secure your belongings SCTR has everything you need for your move:

  • Ropes for making sure that everything is secured
  • Blankets to cover and protect your fragile belongings
  • Trolleys to help with the heavy lifting

Our moving fleet includes vans and small or larger moving trucks. If you choose to hire a truck that you can’t drive yourself on your driver’s licence, we can arrange a truck driver for you.

Get in touch with Southern Cross Truck Rentals today for expert moving help.


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