New Prime Mover Offerings at SCTR

Jan 5, 2021

SCTR has undertaken an extensive review of its prime mover offerings and has introduced several Mercedes Benz Actros prime movers to our fleet.

These will replace the big American Kenworth and Freightliner prime movers that SCTR has previously run for the last 10 years. They will support the large fleet of Fuso day cab prime movers the company has.

Jason Mckinnon, Business Development Manager of SCTR said, “Our larger corporate customers were insistent that Safety and Fuel Economy were the two most important priorities for them. Their expectations could only be met in the European brands. After a complex evaluation, we chose the Benz.”

Whilst the Kenworths and Freightliner have served the company well through the years, fuel burn and driver safety are now at the forefront of customer’s minds. Jason added, “ The Euro-spec 6 Benz prime movers deliver significant fuel savings over our current range of heavy prime Movers in some instances more than 1 km to the litre, and the safety options in these trucks are truly amazing. Whilst it may take a little bit of time to understand the full features, the basic features far exceed anything we have previously offered.”

Jason went on to explain, “Most of the major transport companies are running these exact vehicles, their drivers are trained in driving them, and their trailer combinations will fit straight onto one of ours. We also share access to the telematics of the vehicle if the customer requires it.

SCTR has elected to take up the full service and maintenance support package from Daimler for the new Actros’s and being a VIP customer, SCTR has the support of the full Daimler network, Australia wide giving it customers peace of mind that no matter where they are, the support is available should they need it.

Our Actros 2651 Are Our Base Level Heavy Prime Movers

The 2651 refers to the vehicle’s GVM (26 tonnes) and horsepower (510hp). It is a ‘crossover’ truck, targeted mainly at distribution work but with the added flexibility of a sleeper cab for longer intrastate and regional work. As a crossover truck, the sleeper is there, but the cab lacks the extra space and storage of the bigger line-haul-focussed cabs. Still, the 202cm by 80cm mattress is comfy and both long and wide enough to easily accommodate most drivers.

This is a preferred vehicle for container operators and fresh food distributors pulling single trailers. The Truck meets Euro 6 standards, includes a full safety pack with lane departure warnings. Fuel efficient with reports of operators achieving above 3ks to the Litre.

The 2653 Is Our All-Rounder in the Heavy Class.

The 2653 has the inherent versatility to be more things to more people, whilst it is comfortable in City operations, it is primed to play in the bigger league; where linehaul B-doubles and PBS truck and dog combinations roam The 2653, can be used for linehaul, however, most linehaul runners are opting for the bigger cab whereas a number of fleet operators engaged in regional B-double work have opted for the lower, narrower version 2653.

SCTR’s 2653 with 530 horsepower, are registered and ready for B-double work and have a GCM of 70 tonne. The fuel burn is “considerably less” in the 2653, compared to our existing range with the truck’s Euro6 engine, showing impressive fuel burn results and not giving away much in horsepower.

The 2658 Is Our linehaul Spec Offering.

The 2658 has a standard GCM rating of 90 tonnes. These trucks have the premium 2.5 metre wide cab and are powered by the 15.6 litre 580Hp engine. Giving you comfort and power. The Euro 6 engines ensure significant fuel efficiency is achieved without compromising horsepower.

Whist the truck is a pleasure to drive around the Metro area, these trucks are targeted at our customers going up and down the highway. The comfort and safety features are built around the operator who is spending long hours behind the wheel.

For any questions regarding our new prime movers, or for anything else, please get in touch with our friendly team today!

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