Our Story

Southern Cross Truck Rentals, came from humble beginnings. It was founded in Camden on Sydney’s outskirts in 2003 with a single truck, a van and a couple of utes.

We watched our little business grow from a fleet of 4, to 10, to 20 and soon had over 50 trucks and commercial vehicles all within the first few years of operation. After acquiring a Sydney-based Semi Trailer Rentals company this added 40 semi-trailers to the fleet.

Today, our fleet has over 150 trucks and counting. We are no longer servicing the outskirts of Sydney, our vehicles are traveling the whole east coast of Australia.

About our teams and services

We offer a range of services including leasing, short-term rentals, long-term rentals, replacement vehicles, and driver hire.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals

With over 15 years of proven truck rental satisfaction for customers, short-term and long-term rentals are facilitated by SCTR. We have a fleet of over 150 vehicles and our friendly rental clerks are here to help you identify the optimal solution that meets your business or personal needs.

 Southern Cross Fleet Management

Delivers exceptional fleet maintenance service to our team to ensure full compliance with NHVAS standards and prioritising the safety of our customers. It also has responsibility for providing initial and ongoing support to the business and customers in relation to asset leasing. We have worked with a range of customers from varying industries in the development and implementation of leasing solutions and customised vehicles to meet specific customer requirements. Our team will tailor a solution for you which can include leasing terms of 3, 5, 7 or 10 years as an example.

Southern Cross Replacement Vehicles

SCRV will provide or source the vehicle needed when a not at fault accident has impacted your business’s ability to keep your vehicle operational. If you drive a commercial vehicle and have been involved in a not at fault accident, we can, with the help of our business partner, assist you in finding a like-for-like vehicle replacement with the potential for all costs to be borne by the at fault party.

Is your new truck or trailer off the road for an extended period as a result of warranty repairs and thereby impacting your ability to earn an income? If so, SCRV can assist you in negotiating a like-for-like replacement vehicle with your OEM to ensure you are not disadvantaged and can continue to operate your business. Learn more on our Replacement Vehicle page.


If you have the truck and just need a driver or perhaps need a truck with a driver (wet hire) for a particular job, then SCRV can assist you with a tailored solution. We have HC licensed drivers available to assist you for those important jobs when your own drivers are not available or not appropriately licensed. This could include, for example, moving one of your trucks interstate. If you don’t have the right truck and licensed driver for that one-off lucrative job or perhaps a job for that special client, we can also assist with a wet hire (truck and driver). Talk to our team of friendly rental clerks and they will work with you to deliver the required solution.

Why Rent With Us


Customised quotes mean tailored solutions with flexible booking lengths, diverse fleet packages and individually crafted business solutions.


If you do have a breakdown, our onsite technical team and 24 hour emergency roadside assistance will have you back on the road in no time.


Our fleet of trucks and trailers are regularly upgraded and maintained to NHVAS standards so you can enjoy the comfort and reliability of our fleet.


At SCTR we are completely transparent when it comes to our prices and insurances. We don't believe in hidden fees and charges and this has really instilled trust with our customers when dealing with us.


Our customer service team are highly trained to understand your needs, provide tailored advice and recommendations, that ensure you have a seamless truck rental experience.