Why Refrigerated Trucks Are Essential For Keeping Your Goods Safe

Apr 10, 2023

Refrigerated trucks are vital to keeping your food items safe, fresh and secure during transport.

The first models of what are now refrigerated trucks were developed in the 1920s. These were made to transport and distribute ice cream. they are essential for businesses that must keep their goods at optimal temperatures.

In this post, we will discuss the importance of refrigerated transport for the food industry and provide some tips for taking care of refrigerated truck rentals.

How Do Refrigerated Trucks Keep Goods Safe?

Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks, also called reefer vans or chillers, are vehicles equipped with special cooling systems that keep food items from -25°C to +25°C. They maintain these temperatures when transporting goods from one place to another.

When it comes to safety, refrigeration is key; it prevents food spoilage and contamination during transit. It ensures that the food transported by refrigerated trucks is safe for consumption when it reaches its destination.

Why Refrigerated Trucks Are a Necessity

Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks are an essential part of any food or beverage distribution business. Refrigeration trucks provide a reliable and cost-effective way to transport goods from one place to another while also keeping them at their ideal temperature during the journey. Let’s look at some of the reasons why refrigerated trucks are so important for businesses.

Temperature Control

The most obvious benefit of refrigerated trucks is that they provide a secure environment for temperature-sensitive goods such as produce, dairy, and pharmaceuticals.

It means you can keep food items fresh and safe throughout their journey from the warehouse to the consumer. Without this kind of temperature control, food products can spoil before reaching their destination.

Reduced Costs

A refrigerated truck consumes a good bit more fuel than the equivalent standard truck. The refrigeration machinery is directly driven from the engine in the majority of cases. That means that more energy has to be produced, and more fuel must be consumed. It reduces operational costs for businesses that use these vehicles to transport goods over long distances.

Additionally, since the interior temperature of the truck remains consistent during transportation, there is less risk of spoilage leading to fewer losses due to spoilage or waste.

Increased Efficiency

Refrigeration trucks help reduce delivery times by allowing you to transport goods faster than traditional methods while also ensuring that your shipments arrive in perfect condition.

By using these types of vehicles instead of relying on multiple smaller vans or cars, companies can save time and money by cutting down on travel times and fuel costs.

Additionally, since refrigerated truck drivers are trained professionals who know how to handle these types of shipments safely and efficiently, companies can rest assured that their shipments will arrive on time with minimal damage or delays caused by traffic or other factors.

Improved Safety and Security

The interior temperature control provided by refrigerated trucks helps protect against contamination from outside elements such as bacteria or rodents, which could contaminate products during shipping if left unrefrigerated during transportation.

These vehicles also have built-in alarm systems which alert drivers if temperatures exceed certain levels so they can adjust accordingly if necessary.

Finally, there is improved security with these types of trucks since they are usually equipped with GPS tracking devices, allowing companies to monitor their shipments in real-time should anything go wrong along the way.

Other Common Uses for Refrigerated Trucksfleet of delivery truck vehicles used to transport refrigerated goods

The temperature control capabilities of refrigerated trucks make them invaluable for businesses across industries. Let’s explore some of the most common uses for refrigerated trucks, other than for food products, so you can determine if this type of truck would benefit your business.

Transporting Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines

Refrigeration is essential when protecting pharmaceuticals, like vaccines and other drugs, during transportation. Without refrigeration, these products risk becoming ineffective or unsafe due to heat exposure.

Many companies use refrigerated trucks to ensure that pharmaceuticals arrive safely and without any changes in their potency.

In addition, many countries now require this type of transportation for certain medical items due to changing regulations worldwide.

Storing Artwork and Collectibles

Artwork and collectables are often very sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. Unfortunately, environmental factors like these can cause irreparable damage over time, so many collectors use refrigerated cargo containers when storing their collections.

This type of storage helps maintain a consistent temperature and minimises any potential risks that could arise from temperature fluctuations. Using a refrigerated container or truck, you can protect valuable artwork or collectables throughout transit and long-term storage.

Shipping Perishable Flowers

Many flowers must stay cool to remain fresh during transit. It includes varieties such as roses and carnations commonly shipped around the holiday season or other special occasions such as weddings or funerals.

Refrigerated trucks provide an ideal environment that helps keep flowers fresh while being transported so they can arrive at their destination looking perfect every time!

How to Maintain Your Refrigerated Truck Rental

Cargo area of a refrigerated semitrailer

If you’re in the business of transporting refrigerated items, then you know how important it is to rent a truck that can keep your products at their optimal temperature. However, taking care of your refrigerated truck rental is just as important as finding the right one. By properly maintaining your rented refrigerated truck, you can ensure that your products stay safe and fresh during transport and that the truck remains in good condition throughout its use. Read on for some tips on how to take care of your refrigerated truck rental.

Cleanliness Is Key

Keeping your rented refrigeration unit clean and free from dirt and debris is essential. It will help to maintain the quality of its cooling system, as well as make sure that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Before each use, check the cooling unit for any signs of dirt or debris and clean it out if necessary. Also, check the filters regularly to ensure they are not clogged up with dust or other particles.

Check The Temperature Regularly

The temperature inside the refrigeration unit needs to remain consistent for your products to stay safe and fresh during transit. To ensure this, check the temperature regularly using an accurate thermometer or another temperature-reading device.

If the temperature rises above a certain level, adjust it accordingly to stay within a safe range for transporting food and other perishable items.

Test For Leaks

A leaky cooling unit can cause serious problems for you and your customers – not only because of potential product spoilage but also because of energy loss due to inefficient cooling system operation. Therefore, it’s important to test for leaks periodically by checking all seams, valves, hoses, etc., for signs of moisture or water accumulation.

If a leak is detected, be sure to get it fixed right away before using the refrigeration unit again.

Final Thoughts

Refrigerated transportation plays an important role in preserving goods while minimising waste and protecting our environment from harmful emissions caused by excess spoilage of food products.

Following basic precautions like inspecting components regularly and checking coolant levels ensures your goods stay safe during transit. For reliable refrigerated truck rental services, contact Southern Cross Truck Rentals today!

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We offer truck delivery, pick up and drop-offs within business hours. Our vehicles are always clean and serviced by trained technicians, ensuring the most reliable, quality vehicle every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Refrigerated Truck Called?

A refrigerated truck, also known as a ‘reefer’ or ‘chiller’, is a type of vehicle specially designed and built to transport goods requiring specific temperature requirements. It can be used for business purposes such as transporting frozen food items, hospital medical supplies, and other sensitive products.

What Is the Purpose of Refrigerated Trucks?

Refrigerated trucks are essential for keeping goods safe and fresh during transportation. They help maintain an ideal temperature range so perishable items don’t perish in transit. Additionally, they can be used to deliver or store goods over long distances without risk of spoilage or contamination due to heat exposure. Refrigerated trucks come in various models from different manufacturers like Toyota, Isuzu, Hin, and more, with custom body designs that suit the specific needs of businesses for transporting cargo safely. It could include pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and more.

How Do Refrigerated Trucks Stay Cold?

Refrigerated trucks use an insulated box body design, usually built from either stainless steel or thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) sheets. The inside of the box is designed with insulation panels that help maintain temperatures below freezing so that the contents stay cold during transport. In addition, many refrigerated truck models are equipped with digital temperature control systems that automatically monitor and adjust the cooling and heating systems to keep everything at an ideal temperature. Some models even have humidity control capabilities that help keep food items such as vegetables, fruits and meats fresher for longer periods.

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