Refrigerated Trucks What You Need to Know

Sep 22, 2021

The refrigerated truck has revolutionised the industry. Its ability to keep products at the desired temperature means it is essential for anyone delivering temperature-dependent goods.

Refrigerated trucks may be desirable for transporting products including cosmetics, flowers and medical supplies. For the transport of food, a temperature-controlled vehicle is a MUST.

Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand state a large range of food types must only be transported via temperature-controlled vehicles. They further recommend a food business should reject delivery of these food types if they suspect they haven’t been carried at the suggested temperature. Such ‘potentially hazardous’ foods include some meat, dairy, seafood, rice, pasta, eggs and others.

How does a refrigerated truck work?

A refrigerated truck has a built-in, onboard refrigerator. The condenser absorbs heat from the cargo unit, using cooling fluid to create gas when it has absorbed enough heat. The gas is compressed then goes through an evaporator in order to generate cold temperatures inside the fridge/freezer compartment. Fans are used to distribute the cooled air throughout the sealed unit. As the cooled air becomes warmer, the process repeats.

The electricity required to power the system is generated by the vehicle’s factory components.

Which truck is best for you?

The size of the vehicle required is dependent on the amount of cargo to be transported. We’ll consider the refrigerated fleet at Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR), in Sydney.

The range begins with a 2 tonne Fridge. This holds two pallets or four large crates and can be rented and driven using a car licence. This option is convenient for many smaller business owners, who will be able to transport their own goods.

The 2 tonne fridge has standby power leads available for onsite use. This means it can double up as a fridge for outside caterers and food stallholders.

The mid-range vehicle is a 3 Tonne Fridge, capable of carrying four pallets or six large crates.

The largest vehicle in the fleet at SCTR is a 6 Tonne Fridge/Freezer. This vehicle carries four pallets or eight large crates. The fact that this large vehicle is a freezer makes it desirable for transporting all manner of frozen foodstuffs.

The 3 Tonne and 6 tonne trucks have side door access for ease of loading and unloading.

SCTR have truck and driver hire packages available, if needed, for the two larger vehicles.

Should you Rent or buy?

The answer to this question depends on your expected usage of a refrigerated truck. If you will be transporting goods that need a controlled temperature all day, every day, you should probably buy your own temperature-controlled vehicle. If the business will only occasionally need a refrigerated delivery then you will be financially better off renting.

This answer is simplistic and doesn’t take into account the additional costs associated with owning any truck. Your business will need a full-time driver. There will be insurance costs and ongoing maintenance and service expenses as well as paying off the original loan to buy the vehicle.

Special deals from Southern Cross Truck Rentals

Southern Cross Truck Rentals is Sydney’s leading truck hire company. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, we know what our customers want – great rates and reliable vehicles!

The entire fleet of vehicles available at Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR) are late-model, clean and comfortable vehicles. They are regularly serviced and well maintained. For added peace of mind, SCTR have a 24-hour breakdown recovery service.

SCTR have a range of services available when you arrange your truck rental with us:

Short and Long Term Hire

  • Maybe you only need a refrigerated truck for a day or a long-term contract means you need a two month rental. SCTR will be pleased to discuss either option with you.

One way truck rental

  • One way rentals are rare in the truck hire industry but SCTR may be able to arrange pick up or drop off in most major Australian cities. This is super-convenient if you are carrying produce over a long distance, meaning you only need to plan a one-way trip.

Multiple truck rentals

  • You have a big job planned and need more than one truck. We are happy to help arrange the rental for you.

Emergency truck rentals

  • If your regular truck breaks down or you have an unexpected urgent project, talk to SCTR about an emergency rental.

Our prices are competitive and our team is friendly and knowledgeable. Contact Southern Cross Truck Rentals today to arrange your refrigerated truck rental.

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