Should You Consider Removal Truck Hire?

Nov 20, 2021

There are many reasons as to why you might be considering removal truck hire. Moving out of your home, moving interstate, or out of a workspace are just some of the reasons. However, it’s likely that you’re also considering a removals company to do a fair bit of the work for you, which is decidedly more expensive and constricting in terms of time. So, what do you choose? In this blog, we will outline why you should consider truck hire for your next relocation.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals, located in Smeaton Grange, are market leaders for all kinds of truck hire. We are one of the most reliable and trusted hire companies in Australia. We aim to provide reliable, clean and fully-serviced rentals to people and businesses for short and long-term hire, seven days a week.

The Cost

It’s no secret that moving is an expensive process. When hiring from SCTR, you can see plenty of these costs upfront, particularly with our useful cost comparison. We know that it might be tempting to hire a removalist company instead: they do the heavy lifting while you can oversee.

However, cost-wise, it’s a lot more beneficial to hire a rental vehicle and do the move yourself. You can create your ultimate package, complete with any packing equipment you might need, like:

  • Ropes for making sure that everything is secured
  • Blankets to cover and protect your fragile belongings
  • Trolleys to help with the heavy lifting

This can all be included in your removal truck hire package. Plus, if you don’t have the license required to drive the vehicle, we can organise a specialised driver for you. This is all at a low cost for you, meaning that you can spend more of your moving funds on nice furniture than the move itself!

The Flexibility

Move at your own pace, to your schedule. When hiring a removal truck, time is at your disposal. Whether you want to break the move up for a day or two or spend the weekend transporting your belongings from one place to another, you have the option when hiring a removal truck. SCTR has special rates for all types of move, so speak to one of our friendly staff members to see which package suits you the most.

Plus, you can start at any time of day – there is no need to adhere to anyone else’s schedule other than your own. So, if you want to start at sunrise and be finished for lunch, you can!


When renting a truck for your moving needs, you want to feel safe and comfortable – mainly if you are the one driving. That’s why we rent well-known brands and models so that you can trust the make you’re driving.

When hiring any kind of truck with SCTR, we outline the license required. If your standard driver’s license is not enough, you can hire one of our drivers too. Simply have a chat with one of our friendly team members about what services you require. With one of our expert team members, you can feel at ease knowing that your belongings are in safe hands!

It might be the case that your move is over a long-distance. This can then bring in the added worry of breakdown and service maintenance. However, when you hire a removal truck from SCTR, your comfort and safety is our priority. That’s why we have a 24-hour breakdown cover with roadside assistance for whenever you might need it. Whatever time of day you’re driving around, you can always call us if you run into trouble.

Size Matters

It’s no use renting a vehicle that’s too small for your removal needs! At SCTR, we provide a handy Moving Truck Volume Calculator to help you find the proper transportation for your needs. Simply add in everything you need to move, and we’ll calculate the ideal sized vehicle for you. We know that you’re likely stressed about the move ahead, but you can rest easy knowing that your rental truck is sorted, at the right size, an excellent price, and the necessary length of time for your needs.

SCTR are experts at all types of truck hire. We know how to create the best packages for your needs, which is why we’d always recommend choosing us over a removal hire company. We’ve thought of everything: from the outright costs to create the best package for your needs to the ease of having a reliable vehicle with you for the length of your move. Make your move less stressful with a removal hire from SCTR.

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