Skel Trailers

  • Streamlined Container Handling
  • Great for transporting large containers for sea and rail freight.
  • Tri-Axle trailers available
  • Cost effective

Trucks & Vehicles

Enjoy the comfort and reliability of our regularly updated fleet.

Emergency Support

24 hour roadside assistance will have you back on the road.

24/7 hours Available

Short and long term hire available when you need it.

At SCTR, we offer both leasing and rental products for your refrigerated business needs.

We offer rental refrigerated trucks to facilitate the daily operations of your business and ensure compliance with cold chain logistics safety requirements to ensure the safety and quality of chilled and frozen goods.

Alternatively Long-term leasing of refrigerated vehicles with us allows your business to bypass the annual cost of registrations and insurance, servicing costs, windshield replacement, tyre replacement, breakdown cover, etc. – all you need to do is supply the fuel and the driver!

Our Skel Hire Fleet

40’ Tri-Axle Skels & Skelton Trailer Hire

  • 40’ Skel ‘B’ Trailer
  • 3-way pins
  • Suitable for shipping and rail loading dock work
  • Suitable for heavy 20ft and 40 ft containers

Disclaimer: All measurements are approximations. As a customer, you should seek individual advice upon booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it make sense to rent a Skel trailer?

If you need the trailer for a short-term period, it makes more sense to rent rather than buy. Alternatively, if you are on this page because you may need it for a longer period, then we can look at long-term rental options. Skel trailers are mostly used to mostly support large container freight, so if you need to transport a container, you should think about hiring a Skel trailer.

What are some features of a Skel Tri-axle trailer?

Some features of a Skel trailer include:

  • Built and designed to efficiently transport shipping containers.
  • You can place a range of container types onto the Skel trailer and that makes it quite versatile. Twist locks to secure your freight.
Which truck can I attach the Skel trailer to?

You can attach a prime mover truck to a Skel trailer. You are welcome to ask our friendly staff in the office what prime movers are available for rental to tow your Skel trailer. We have an extensive range of prime movers available for rental.

Can I use the trailer for line haul travel?

Yes, our trailers can be used for local and line haul travel, with different rates for each.

Can I get a driver with my Skel Trailer and prime mover?

Yes, we can provide wet or dry hire. We offer an additional service if you require a driver with the right licence to operate a prime mover with a Skel trailer. Ask one of our friendly rental clerks about our initiative, Drive4Us. We can also provide drivers for your trucks, should you require.

Got more questions?