The Difference Between Small Truck Hire & Big Truck Hire

Jun 24, 2022

When it comes to renting a truck, how many of us consider whether we need small truck hire or big truck hire? What’s the difference between the two? Which one is right for you and the job you want to complete?

This article will identify some of the smaller trucks available for rental and their uses. We will look at some of the benefits of small truck rental and some of the special offers to help save you money on your rental.

Why rent a small truck?

Why rent a small truck?

If you need to move a large or bulky load, in a single trip, probably with a hired professional driver, then you should consider renting a large truck. Otherwise, renting a smaller vehicle may work out better for you.

If you have a ‘C’ class licence, you are permitted to drive a vehicle with a gross weight of up to 4,500 kg and passenger vehicles with facilities to carry no more than 12 passengers, in total.

This gives many of us the ability to rent and drive a small truck. The benefits of self-drive small truck rental include:

  • Cost
    Small trucks are typically less expensive to rent than big trucks.
    Additionally, small trucks use less fuel and, therefore, cost less to operate.Smaller trucks can often be driven on a car licence, removing the need, for many, to hire a driver for the truck. While a professional driver is possibly the safest and most efficient option, it can be expensive. You need to pay for the direct’s time even when they aren’t driving. For instance, while you are loading and unloading the truck.

    Renting the smallest vehicle to safely transport your intended cargo makes financial sense.

  • Convenience
    You can work at your own speed. Load the truck and have lunch before you set off. If it is late then set off the next day. Without a hired driver you can set off whenever suits you!
  • Flexibility
    Change of plans? Fine; driving yourself provides the flexibility to reschedule. Stop on the trip for some lunch or an overnight break. It won’t cost more.

Small truck options

Small truck options

We will take a look at the rental fleet available at Southern Cross Truck Rentals. Identifying vehicles less than 4.5 metric tonnes and with a passenger capacity of 12 or fewer. We‘ll describe each vehicle and suggest likely ways it may be used.

3-Tonne Pantech
Often hired to move furniture, our smallest pantech can be driven with a c/car licence.

Equipped with a 500kg capacity tail-lift for easy roll-on/roll-off loading and unloading. A pantech will protect your load from the elements and provide the peace of mind of knowing your precious cargo is safely secured.

If you have a market stall or a pop-up shop, our pantech could provide you with weatherproof and secure on-site storage as well as transportation.

Typical uses include house moves, transportation of heavy goods such as pianos or mowers and planting boxes from the garden. Ideal for a business or office relocation, too!

2-tonne flatbed truck
This truck is perfect for small businesses or tradies who need to transport equipment or materials around town. The flatbed tray allows for safe and easy transport of items, and the 2-Tonne capacity is more than enough for most small loads.

It’s designed for transportation services such as shipping pallets and awkward or oversize loads; it also works well when transporting bulky furniture, construction materials or general courier work.

The relatively small size makes it perfect for driving in towns or getting into tight spaces.

2-tonne refrigerated trucks
Our refrigerated trucks all have high thermal efficiency refrigeration and are used to carry a large variety of goods:

  • Food
    Storing and transporting food in a frozen state maintains freshness and quality. Farms often place a crop directly into refrigerated transport as soon as it is picked.

    • Compliance with regulations
      Food deemed to be “potentially hazardous” such as seafood dairy, meat and others must remain under temperature control during transportation. Food standards agency guidelines say deliveries should be rejected if the temperature has not been maintained as recommended.
  • Medicines
    including COVID-19 vaccines
  • Cosmetics
    Lipsticks and mascaras can begin to lose consistency and even melt in warm temperatures. Some plastic packaging is at risk of splitting if subject to changes in temperature, letting the product leak.
  • Animals!
    Refrigerated trucks have been used to transport animals such as penguins, who need a temperature-controlled environment. Some beekeepers transport heat-generating honey bees in refrigerated vehicles.
    A large, portable fridge, too
    You are driving a large fridge! If you are selling food at an outdoor event, or away from your own premises, you will need to ensure your food is kept cool and fresh while you are there.Our refrigerated trucks can run off mains electricity, like a normal fridge. This is probably a more cost-effective way of running the refrigeration unit than keeping the engine running!
  • 2-tonne Tipper Truck
    You will have seen tipper trucks on building sites. A favourite with building contractors, renovators and landscapers, perfect for moving gravel or earth or DIY projects. This smaller tipper truck enables the loading and dumping of materials in those tight spaces on a work site.
    Make sure to ask Southern Cross Truck Rentals staff to demonstrate the simple tray-lift operation.
  • Vans
    Our 1-tonne and 1.5-tonne vans are not a lot bigger than your car, but they are far more versatile. Some of the ways you can use a van include:
  • Moving home
    Live alone? A perfect, secure way to move house for those with a little less furniture!
  • Students
    Moving to university? Whether you are on campus or sharing a property, fit clothing, books, laptops and even furniture into a van. Move everything you will need in a single trip.
  • Events
    Running a market stall or hosting an event? Transport everything you need in a van.
  • Airport transportation.
    If you are travelling with a group or a family, load all of the luggage into your van.
  • Business trip
    Easily move stock or tools
  • Camping
    Fit all your equipment in the back and travel in comfort for your next family camping trip. Your tents, clothes and cooking gear are safe from the elements and secure, locked in the van.

The Australian workhorse! Have you ever seen a tradie without a ute loaded with equipment or a huge lockable toolbox in the tray? Comfortable to drive and great for moving goods or getting rid of garden waste.

Arrange a group outing. You can get everybody there at the same time in our mini-bus.

Our 12-seater bus comes with child restraints and air conditioning. It even has a CD player for a sing-along as you drive.

Tools to help you decide

Tools to help you decide

You want to make sure the small vehicle you choose is up to the task. Our website has tools to make sure you have the truck you need:

  • Volume Calculator
    Easy to use, our moving truck volume calculator lists items commonly transported, such as furniture, sorted by room, plus garden equipment and even golf clubs or your exercise bike. Enter the number of each item and we’ll estimate the volume you’ll need for your cargo.
  • Moving Truck Calculator
    Even easier to use than our volume calculator! Identify the type of property you are moving from and we’ll estimate the space you’ll need. Our tool will even recommend the best type of vehicle for the job.

Don’t forget the specials!

Don’t forget the specials!

At Southern Cross Truck Rentals, we have a variety of special offers to make our already competitive rentals even more attractive.

All of our vehicles are late models regularly serviced and well maintained. Our trucks are clean and have air-conditioning for your comfort. As a bonus, check out some of our amazing special offers:

  • One-way rentals
    You don’t have to drive all the way there and then back. We will arrange a pick-up or drop-off in most major cities in Australia
  • 24-hour emergency service
    We will make sure you reach your destination. In the case of a breakdown, our 24-hour emergency call service will get you back on the road as soon as we can.
  • Short-term or long-term hire
    If you have a small, one or two-day task or you are planning a 3-month delivery project, we can help with our flexible long and short-term rentals.
  • Drivers for hire
    In case you don’t want to drive. We can arrange driver and vehicle packages for all our vehicles.
  • Weekday rentals
    If you rent a moving truck from Monday to Friday, pay less than if you move over a weekend.
  • Van deals
    We’ve reduced the cost of our 1-tonne and 1.5-tonne vans.

Call our friendly expert team today. We will make sure you get the truck you need when you need it.

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