The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers in 2019

May 13, 2019

Our smartphones are capable of almost anything these days. More and more, we are relying on them to help ourselves and our businesses save time and money. There are thousands of apps out there on the market, with hundreds of tailor-made apps to help truck drivers on their day to day.

We asked our Southern Cross Truck Rental customers which apps they thought were most useful for truck drivers, and these are the 5 that came up trumps.

Truckie’s Mate

This free app is the Swiss army knife of apps – there is a function for almost every possible need while you are out on the road. Not only does the app have a comprehensive truck stop finder for each state, it also has an accident help feature for drivers that allows you to capture any crucial accident information and store it for reporting later, and a lot of useful information on fatigue and road laws in each state. It really is a truck driver’s best friend!

Fuelly: MPG & Service Tracker

Fuelly helps you to save money by keeping track of your truck’s fuel economy. Tracking the kilometer/liter data and watching the graphs populate is as simple as logging the kilometers, the amount of fuel you put in, and the per liter cost each time you fill up. As well as fuel economy, the app can help you keep track of maintenance records. You can set separate reminders for each maintenance task such as oil changes and tire rotations, and you even have the option to store photos and PDF’s as needed.

SmartTruckRoute 2

Nobody wants to be the truck driver that resets the counters on the Montague St or Bayswater bridges. With the SmartTruckRoute 2 app, you can easily avoid the cost and embarrassment of such accidents. The app allows you to track the perfect route by navigating away from low bridges, narrow streets and residential areas. It updates maps hourly too, so you know you are always getting up to date traffic information. While the app is free to install, there are in-app purchases for access to different maps and features.

Test Your Tired Self

An initiative of Transport for NSW, Test Your Tired Self helps drivers to determine their level of fatigue. For truck drivers on long haul journeys, an app like this is invaluable. To determine your fatigue levels, the app puts a series of questions and fun puzzles in front of you. Depending on your score, you can then establish whether you need to take a break or can continue on on your journey.


If you are spending a lot of time on the road, you need all the entertainment you can get. Those long drives can get pretty lonely! Keep yourself engaged by listening to hours on end of all your favourite music, podcasts and even comedy shows on the Spotify app. In order to get the ability to download playlists and listen to them offline, sign up to the Premium version which is only $11.99/month and well worth it.

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