The Types of Vans You Can Hire

Dec 10, 2021

Sometimes, you might need to rent a vehicle for a small trip or to transport a few items across a city or state. For these types of trips, you don’t need a huge truck for your transport needs. Instead, a van is more than capable: with ample space and a good weight limit, vans are really useful for those days you just need a bit more space than your average car or ute.

At Southern Cross Truck Rentals, we are proud to offer all kinds of vehicles for rent, including vans. Our friendly team will work with you to provide you with the right vehicle you need each and every time you rent from us. This blog will be all about the types of vans you can hire from Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR).

Why Would I Need to Hire a Van?

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to hire a van. These may include:

  • A local trip away.For example, this could be camping, which requires a lot of equipment and extra clothing to transport to your holiday spot. Alternatively, if you’re a group going on holiday somewhere, this could be a handy way to transport all your luggage together.
  • A trip to the airport.This is a great idea particularly if you’re a large family, or again, a group of friends that have a lot of luggage collectively between you.
  • Moving to university.Typically a university student will only have a room to themselves. However, this room can be decorated, plus you’ll likely need household items for any communal spaces too. Transport them easily in a van.
  • Moving home or flatsThis is a great way to transport furniture if you live alone or don’t yet have much furniture to your name yet.
  • Events.Have something on? Transport your event equipment seamlessly to your venue with a rental van.
  • Business.Sometimes stock needs to get from A to B. You can do this easily with a van hire.
  • Courier work.In the covid/post covid work has exploded and the demands for home delivery of goods is increasing. For couriers who are looking to enter the market, a rental vehicle would be ideal to assess the demand over time before committing to a purchase.

It might not be necessary for a huge vehicle in these situations, particularly if there isn’t an excessive amount of luggage. However, at SCTR, we have vehicles of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs, including vans.

Toyota Hiace Van

The Toyota Hiace Van is one of the two vans available to hire here at SCTR. With a capacity of up to one tonne, this van is the perfect vehicle to do short or long haul trips in when you need that extra bit of space. A great part of this van is that you only need a car license to drive it, and it comes with air conditioning, power steering, and a side door for your convenience. You’ll need to be able to drive manual in this vehicle, so bear that in mind when selecting your van for hire. If you need a driver, we’ll happily sort this for you as part of our truck and driver packages.

1.5 Tonne Van

Our 1.5 Tonne Van is also available for hire with SCTR. This is the perfect van if you need extra space or weight to travel with. It’s got a diesel engine, 2-3 seat capacity, and is available in both high and mid-roof capacities. The van comes with anti-lock braking, front and rear disc brakes and a cargo barrier. You’ll only need a car license to drive this van, and it’s automatic, so bear that in mind when selecting the vehicle. If you need a driver, we’ll happily sort this for you as part of our truck and driver packages.

There are a number of things to consider when considering your van hire. We can provide you with everything you need to have a stress-free hiring process. You can speak with our knowledgeable team or use our moving truck volume calculator to work out the size of vehicle you need. If you don’t feel comfortable driving the van yourself, or don’t have the right license for the van you need, we have driver and truck hire packages to ensure you can go ahead with your rental vehicle. We also have moving equipment available for hire with any of our vehicles, including vans.

Get in touch with Southern Cross Truck Rentals and ask our helpful, friendly team about your small truck hire.

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