Trailer And Driver Hire. The Benefits And What You Need To Know.

Feb 3, 2022

Trailers are a fantastic way to transport large or bulky items for your business. With different load sizes, setups, and capabilities, there will be a trailer to suit your exact needs. With rental companies providing these different types of trailers, you needn’t spend extra money purchasing a trailer, and instead can hire one for your exact business needs. At Southern Cross Truck Rental, we provide businesses with different trailer rentals every single day, so we are experts at vehicle solutions. Plus, we understand that sometimes you might not have anyone on your team who has the correct license or experience to drive these larger vehicles safely, which is why we also have drivers for hire.

At SCTR, we have a wide range of trailer types on offer, which means you can find one that suits your business needs. This blog will take a closer look at the different types of trailers we have here and our driver hire. Make a savvy business decision for your company and rent a trailer from SCTR the next time you need to transport your bulky or heavy items.

Types of Trailer

What Types of Trailer Are There For Hire?

At Southern Cross Truck Rental, we have four different types of trailers that are available for hire. These are:

  • 40’ Tri-Axle Skels and Skeleton Trailer
  • 40/45 Ft Flat Deck and Flatbed Trailer
  • Open Drop Deck Trailer
  • Extendable and Drop Deck Trailer.

What is a 40’ Tri-Axle Skels and Skeleton Trailer?

A 40’ Tri-Axle Skels and Skeleton Trailer is a lightweight semi-trailer designed to transport containers. This means they are great for companies that work in freight transport or shipping.

What is a 40/45 Ft Flat Deck and Flatbed Trailer?

A 40/45 Ft Flat Deck and Flatbed Trailer are specially designed to transport containers. They are extremely large in size and are a good option for transporting heavy materials.

What is an Open Drop Deck Trailer?

An open drop deck trailer is a semi-trailer with an open deck and no sides or roof. It has two levels of deck with a lowered deck behind the elevated step which joins the tractor unit. This setup means taller loads can be carried while still remaining within the legal height limit. Often, drop deck trailers are used to transport machinery, equipment or heavy, bulky freight such as earth-movers.

What is an Extendable and Drop Deck Trailer?

An extendable and drop deck trailer is extremely similar to an open drop deck trailer. The main difference is that extendables can provide additional loading space or can provide two loading areas. Both trailer types have a low load height, making it easy to load and unload cargo from the trailer bed without using any special heavy lifting equipment.

Use Driver Hire For Your Trailer Transport Needs


Use Driver Hire For Your Trailer Transport Needs

All of these trailers will require a specialised license. That’s why we provide driver hire for all of our rental vehicles. For any vehicle in our fleet, we can arrange a driver to drive it for you, so that you can feel safe, secure, and your goods are protected. This is especially true for our larger vehicles like our trailers. These are specialised vehicles, and this means that only trained professionals with the correct license can drive them.

It’s easy to hire a driver with your rental vehicle or trailer. Simply choose to hire them by the hour or by project, depending on what is the best value for money for your specific needs. We can easily arrange a driver for you when you book through our website. Or, give us a call to discuss your specific needs and we can come up with a viable solution for you.

Our trailers are fit for purpose, regularly serviced and come with 24/7 roadside assistance. With every rental vehicle from Southern Cross Truck Rental, you will have the best experience, as our vehicles are delivered on time, every time. If you need a specialised driver for your trailer needs, simply book one when arranging your rental agreement. All of our drivers are experienced, licensed, and professional: your business needs will be protected throughout the entire lease period.

If you’d like to discuss leasing out a trailer with SCTR, simply give us a call today or book through our website.

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