What Happens When You Only Need One Way Truck Rental?

Aug 18, 2021

In these turbulent times, more people are moving homes, offices and work premises from one place to another. This is a huge undertaking that can be challenging, expensive, and stressful. One Way truck rental is a straightforward approach to your move. Arrange for your one-way truck or van rental as part of the planning and preparation. Southern Cross Truck Rentals can arrange one-way rentals and hires out trucks, vans and trailers in various sizes at affordable prices.

What is One Way truck rental?

When you arrange a one-way truck rental it means you don’t need to worry about the return journey. Collect your moving vehicle from the rental company and load it up. Drive the rental vehicle, with your possessions to the new home or office and unload. Leave the rental vehicle at an agreed depot in the new location. There is no need for you to make the return journey with an empty moving truck. There is no need for an additional return journey to move yourself and your family separately from the cargo.

You may even be able to arrange drop-off and pick-up of the vehicle at locations convenient for you.

The benefits of one-way truck rental


One way truck rental is also ideal if you have hired storage as part of your move because you can use a single rental to carry your belongings to the storage facility and you can use another rental to drive straight from the storage facility to your new property.

You won’t need to worry about delays in packing, travelling or unloading costs because they are under your control. When you have arranged the rental, loading, unloading and transport times will have been built into your business schedule.

If you are moving interstate, you are able to plan a single trip to transport your cargo and yourself to the new location.


One-way truck rental means you won’t have the expense of paying for 2 or 3 removalists, for a return trip. You will be able to avoid paying for unnecessary travel costs and unloading fees, doing the loading and unloading yourself.

If the move involves business premises or office equipment, delays may be financially disastrous. They must be ready to open on time. There will be non-productive employees with nowhere to work and customers seeking out your competitors if you are closed when they need you. Having a one-way truck rental can mean there will be no delays in setting up new offices and starting work because everything will be pre-scheduled and under your control.

If you are moving locally you can use a smaller vehicle and make a number of trips, possibly taking advantage of weekday or weekend special offers.

Peace of mind

One Way Truck Rental gives you the option to consider your move as part of the planning and preparation rather than being a last-minute rush. One of the clear advantages of self-drive moving is you have the flexibility to take what suits you when it suits you. There is a schedule and the confidence you will stick to your schedule.

Another benefit of self-drive moving is you’ll have complete control over what happens with your goods. There is no need to worry about the safety of the valuable belongings because they will be with you at all times. You will pack and unpack the moving truck yourself with the knowledge your precious items are being cared for.

You will not have the worry involved with removalists making multiple pickups or drop-offs or even temporarily putting your possessions into storage. The move will be entirely under your own control.

SCTR has all the answers

Southern Cross Truck Rentals have a large range of utes vans and moving trucks capable of moving your cargo. Our fleet consists of well-maintained late-model vehicles. Our trucks are clean and comfortable. Our rentals include 24-hour roadside support in case of the unlikely event of a breakdown.

Speak with our knowledgeable team or use our moving truck volume calculator to work out the size of vehicle you need. If you don’t have the correct licence to drive the size of vehicle you need, we have driver and truck hire packages to ensure you can go ahead with your move as planned. We can also provide you with trolleys, ropes and other moving equipment to help with your moving experience.

Get in touch with Southern Cross Truck Rentals today. Ask our helpful, friendly team about your one-way truck rental.

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