What Is Prime Mover Hire & How Your Business Would Benefit

Nov 6, 2021

Prime Mover Hire is an excellent service for your business. Offered through Southern Cross Truck Rentals, it is a cost-effective freight service option for companies that need heavy loads transported over long distances. They are excellent for transporting any type of heavy cargo load to locations throughout Australia – even the hard to reach, rural points. So, for companies looking into Prime Mover Hire, this blog will explain what it is, how it would benefit your business, the types of vehicles available with SCTR, and how we can best help you.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals aims to provide reliable, clean and fully-serviced trucks to people and businesses for short and long-term hire, seven days a week.

Why Hire A Prime Mover?

These are heavy-duty trucks that can easily transport large items. They are excellent for use in the construction and mining industry because they can haul the heavy, bulky equipment necessary for daily operations. They have superior pulling power, too, making them ideal choices to transport over-height in-divisible loads.

The Cost Benefits of a Prime Mover Hire

Hiring any kind of vehicle from SCTR means that your business has thrived from the financial benefits of a rental instead of purchasing transportation. For example, the rental price is decided outright, meaning that you know exactly what costs are laid out in this agreement: from the outset, there is no ongoing financial outlay in the form of insurance of vehicle registration.

You’ve likely hired this type of transport to deliver heavy loads over long distances. When hiring this mode of transport, you’ll not have to worry about the stress of truck maintenance and servicing costs. That’s because when hiring a Prime Mover from SCTR, all maintenance, servicing, and breakdown cover is included in your initial rental prices. You can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to financial benefits.

Reliability in Mover Hire Transport

When hiring a truck of any kind for your business, you often want to feel comfortable in the particular model. This is particularly true if driving a Mover Hire: these large vehicles can be an intimidating choice. When hiring with SCTR, we outline what type of license is required in order to drive the truck. That means that your driver understands what certifications he has before renting the vehicle.

If you don’t have the necessary licenses needed for a truck of this size, then there’s another clear benefit of hiring from a company. We provide drivers for you that can be added to your rental package agreement. Simply have a chat with one of our friendly team members about what services you require. Again, when hiring a Prime Mover, peace of mind is at the forefront of every agreement made.

Rental Trucks Are a Package Deal

Hiring from a reputable rental company comes with many benefits, including the ability to create the ultimate package deal for your business.

Don’t worry about a breakdown or potential service maintenance when hiring from SCTR. We arrange for 24-hour breakdown cover, with roadside assistance for any kind of rental, so you don’t have to worry. This means that, with us, if there are any problems with the rental truck, we will cover it for you. Plus, we are contactable day or night, so no matter what time you run into trouble, you’ll always be able to contact one of our friendly team members. And, this is all included in the rental package when hiring from SCTR. You are always protected from the moment you sign a truck lease.

Types of Vehicles Available with SCTR

We have three main Prime Mover truck categories available for hire with SCTR. These are:

As with all of our rental trucks, these options are available for short- and long-term hires, with 200 KMS free per day. We can provide both delivery and pick up to you, as well as capable and experienced drivers.

If your business needs freight transport options, then Prime Mover hire could be the ideal option for you. Benefit from the ease of long-distance transportation methods, without the financial hardship of investing in heavy transport, with SCTR. When renting any vehicle, you want to ensure you’re going with a trusted company. Southern Cross Truck Rentals, located in Smeaton Grange, are market leaders for Prime Movers. In fact, we are one of the most reliable and trusted truck hire companies in Australia. For a vehicle hire that is both cost-effective and reliable, get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team would love to discuss your rental needs and requirements for your company!

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