What is the NHVAS?

Nov 19, 2019

The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) is an Australia-wide programme that recognises compliance of heavy vehicle operators with their statutory duties under road transport law, as well as exemplary safety and management practices. It is overseen by the National Heavy Vehicle Regular (NHVR), a government agency which operates as an independent regulator of all vehicles with a tonnage of over 4.5 tonnes. This agency handles all the administrative aspects of the accreditation scheme which developed out of an independence compliance programme in the 1990s. Accreditation is granted to heavy vehicle operators in 4 NHVAS modules which cover key legislative areas that affect heavy vehicle road users. Accreditation in each area is published in the form of labels which should be maintained and displayed on nominated heavy vehicles. Non-compliance is an offence. You can read more about the compliance and modules.

What are the NHVAS modules?

Maintenance management

Compliance in this area focuses on the maintenance of your fleet of heavy goods vehicles and trailers. Heavy vehicle operators and haulage companies need to develop an in-house policy and procedures manual for vehicle maintenance with the schedule and type of servicing to be instituted and nominated responsible persons for servicing and repairs. The manual or handbook must be developed in line with NHVAS standards and rules, and at time of accreditation should have records for 4 weeks of compliance with the programme standards.

Mass management

This module covers the loading and unloading of your vehicle. Haulers need to formulate compliant procedures and policy documents for how loading will take place and name responsible individuals. Implementing the policy will include tasks such as staff training, ensuring your vehicles are properly registered for NHVAS mass limits and weighing your vehicle. All the aspects of the mass management module are also subject to external audit.

Basic fatigue management

Driver fatigue is a critical safety issue for all road user sand this module deals with operators taking a proactive approach to preventing or mitigating the effects of fatigue in drivers of heavy goods vehicles. Compliant operators can take advantage of being able to operate with more flexibility in working hours, provided that they meet their statutory obligations in this area.

Advanced fatigue management

This module includes in-depth training on fatigue; its causes, effects and how it can be managed. Candidates for this training include those involved in the operation and management of NHVAS. Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) Parameters specific work and rest hours as well as providing operators with the opportunity to develop their own safety management systems.

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