What trucks can you drive with a LR-Light Rigid License in NSW?

Aug 22, 2019

The six vehicles classes include C, LR, MR, HR, HC and MC vehicles. Let’s quickly go through the differences between each.

Vehicle licence classes in NSW

Class C – Car licence: a vehicle of up to 4.5 tonnes as the gross mass of the vehicle is permitted. The truck should seat no more than 12 adults, inclusive of the driver. It also accommodates utesvans, cars and light trucks.

Read more about what trucks you can drive with a Class C licence.

LR – Light Rigid licence: this type of licence allows you to drive rigid vehicles with a GVM above 4.5 tonnes but not exceeding 8 tonnes. It also allows you to carry more than 12 passengers including the driver.

Class MR – Medium Rigid licence: allows rigid trucks with a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tonnes and two axles. The added advantage is that a Medium Rigid license also allows any car or vehicle governed by a Class LR license.

HR – Heavy Rigid licence: permits rigid trucks with a gross vehicle mass of over eight tonnes and 3 or more axles. For example, the articulated bus is permissible in this class as well as vehicles in the LR & MR license classes.

HC – Heavy Combination licence: lets you drive heavy combination vehicles with more than 3 axles. It also permits trailers of over 9 tonnes whereas the previous classes are restricted to trailers less than 9 tonnes.

MC – Multi Combination licence: allows vehicles such as b-doubles and road trains and any trucks permitted in the HC class.

Trucks you can drive with a LR licence

There are many buses and small trucks you can rent with a LR licence. Below are examples of vehicles that you can hire with us.

Mini buses

You can drive a minibus up to 12 seaters with a regular car licence. However, you need a LR licence to drive buses with a carrying capacity of more than 12 passengers, inclusive of the driver.

14 seater minibus

25 seater minibus

Light trucks

Light trucks are very versatile: they are small enough for tight loading sites yet tough enough to move commercial volumes freight. A small flatbed is a great way to shift cargo that requires maximum load-space versatility. And you only need a LR licence to drive it on the Australian roads.

3 tonne flatbeds

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