Why You Need Truck Hire In Sydney And What You Should Expect

Dec 22, 2021

Hiring a truck in a major city like Sydney can seem like a daunting move. However, there may be several reasons why you’d need to rent one, like moving furniture between offices, moving home, or simply as part of a job or contract. When using a rental truck company, it’s important to understand what to expect from the hire itself, like what equipment comes with the agreement, the time period you rent it for, and if you need a special license. This Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR) blog will explain exactly that.

Southern Cross Truck Rentals aims to provide reliable, clean, and fully-serviced trucks to people and businesses for short and long-term hire, seven days a week.

Why Would You Need Truck Hire in Sydney?

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to rent out a large vehicle from a company like SCTR. In a city like Sydney, moving costs can be really expensive, so often doing it yourself and avoiding a hefty price tag of a removals company will pay off if you’re trying to save money or stick to a budget. Reasons for hiring a van, ute, or truck in Sydney include:

  • Moving House.It might be a quick move from Bondi to Bronte, or it could be further afield to the Inner West or Northern Beaches. Either way, if you have to move home, you’ll need something to transport your furniture in. The Sydney roads are tricky to get right, with peak rush hour proving to be slow and frustrating. Hiring a truck for your moving purposes means you can plan out your drives with ease, avoid the roads and stick to your own schedule.
  • As part of a Job.Sometimes you might need to transport bulky items for a work event or job. And, it’s much cheaper for whoever is managing a project budget to hire out a truck rather than a whole moving company, which is where a rental business like SCTR would come in. Rental companies are significantly cheaper than moving ones, so it makes sense to hire out a vehicle for this kind of job in Sydney.
  • To Transport Bulky Items.You might just need a UTE for a day! It might be that you’re picking up a new sofa or transporting an item for a friend. Either way, most rental companies have plenty of different sized trucks and vehicles of all sizes for you to use. Sometimes it’s not about hiring out a huge Prime Mover, but rather just having a bigger sized vehicle that you can safely transport belongings from one place to another.

What You Should Expect From A Truck Hire Company

There are a number of things you should expect from a truck hire company when leasing out a vehicle for a select period of time. These include:

  • A transparent cost.You don’t want hidden fees for truck hire as this is where the costs can add up, fast. Ideally, when signing your lease agreement, you know exactly what’s going to cost and when – with no extra hidden bits in the fine print. When hiring from SCTR, you can see plenty of these costs upfront, particularly with our useful cost comparison.
  • Equipment.Lots of rental companies like to make sure that you have the full package when hiring out a vehicle from them. For example, at SCTR, we include plenty of equipment that you might need to make your move easier. These include ​​ropes for ensuring that everything is secured, blankets to cover and protect your fragile belongings and help with the heavy lifting.
  • Flexibility.It’s best to rent from a company that provides flexible lease agreements. This means that you can move at your own pace, without having to rush back to meet a specific time frame. We make sure that our rates cater to our customers – so if you want to move over a whole weekend instead of a day, you absolutely can!
  • Reliability.You want to feel safe and secure when hiring out a larger vehicle. That’s why we’ve got experts both on the road and in the office to make sure if you run into an issue, we can help you out.

Hiring a truck in a city like Sydney can be tricky. The roads are busy and the traffic can be intense, so it’s important that you feel safe and confident while driving out and about. We can help create the ultimate truck package for your move across Sydney – from the truck’s size to the time needed, and even provide you with a driver, too. Sydney can be a stressful city, but your truck hire doesn’t have to be.

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