Why Your Business May Need Pantech Truck Hire

Oct 11, 2021

A Pantech, or Pantechnicon Truck, is most frequently used for the transport of furniture, however, a Pantech can be hired out for any removal or transport task. This article examines pantech truck hire and looks at the possible benefits to your business.


A Pantech truck normally has a board floor, walls and a roof with large double doors at the rear. The truck may have a sloped ramp or a tail lift for ease of loading and unloading the cargo.

Some common reasons for the hire of a pantech truck include:

– Truck Hire for House Moves

Your furniture and possessions are secured within the truck and are protected from the elements. A ramp, in conjunction with a trolley or furniture moving dollies, makes it easier to load heavy items.

– Truck Hire for DIY Home Removal Projects

A pantech truck hire is ideal for the transportation of almost anything you need to move. This could include garden equipment such as mowers, planting boxes, etc.

– Truck Hire for Office Relocations

Your business is expanding and you need to relocate to larger premises? Moving to be nearer to your client base? A pantech truck is perfect for office moves. Desks, chairs, shelves and cabinets are secure and easily loaded or unloaded. The truck can even be left fully loaded overnight.

– Secure/weatherproof cargo transportation

No matter what you are transporting, you have the peace of mind of being assured your cargo is secure inside the pantech truck and is protected from the elements.

– Storage space

If you run a portable shop or business such as a market stall, your pantech serves a double purpose. The truck is both a means of transport for the stall and any products and also a convenient and secure storage space which you can locate wherever you are.


Being used as a giant van means one Pantech truck could replace many removal vans. Your business could make one large delivery instead of multiple smaller loads.

Why hire?

– Cost savings

Owning a pantech truck involves a major capital outlay or a large loan. Ongoing expenses include insurance, registration, servicing and maintenance. You may employ staff, including a driver. Ongoing costs need to be covered whether your business uses the truck regularly, or not and there is a risk you are not getting the best return for the capital investment.

If your company requires occasional use of a pantech truck, then hiring a truck whenever you need it will provide better value for money for the business.

A rental truck will include all of the above (insurance, registration, servicing and maintenance) and even a driver if needed, for a single payment.

– Ease of planning/simplicity

There are many benefits associated with Truck Hire. A Truck Hire service will deliver a truck, with a driver, to your door, you load the items onto the Truck, and then you make your own way to the destination to unload your cargo.

This can be a fast and easy process that will save you time and stress. There are a variety of delivery methods depending on your needs:

– A Truck Hire company can provide a truck and driver and you could hire a team of workers to help load/unload your items;

– A Truck Hire company can provide an empty truck for you to load your own goods and transport them, at your own convenience and to your own schedule (e.g. DIY home move).

– Peace of Mind

A Truck Hire service will also take care of the logistics, which means they manage all the licensing, permits, and insurance required. A reputable rental company will provide well maintained and regularly serviced vehicles so you can rest assured the truck meets safety standards and reduces the risk of a breakdown.

The SCTR Difference

Southern Cross Truck Rentals, based in Sydney have a great reputation, with many repeat customers. We are friendly and knowledgeable and have a modern fleet of safe and comfortable vehicles. Trucks are serviced and maintained and we provide 24/7 breakdown contact with roadside assistance available if needed.

We offer a range of pantechs, with and without tail lifts, the smallest of which can be driven using a car licence. This gives you the flexibility to move whenever suits you best.

The first question you need to ask is what size of truck to hire. Use our free Moving Truck Volume Calculator to easily work out the volume of cargo you have and identify your transport requirements.

Get in touch with our team today to arrange pantech hire for your business.

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